Monday, April 16, 2018

Jobs Meme

Over on twitter there's a meme going around, in which people list the jobs they've held throughout their lives. I'm game!

Age 9: distributor of leaflets ($4.00/month)

Age 11-14: babysitting (.50 cents/hour)

Age 15-22: Snackbar worker / snackbar manger (I know I started at $1.75/hour, but I don't remember how much I made as manager) -- this was just a summer job.

Age 16: McDonald ($2.40/hour)

Age 23: deli worker ($3.35/hour)

Age 23-26: Assistant librarian (started at $10,000/year; finished at $13,500/year)

Age 26-34: Teaching Assistant ($6000/year)

Age 35-38: Visiting Assistant Professor, Idaho State University (started at $25,000/year; ended at $28,500/year)

Age 38-41: Assistant Professor at Bad University ($30,000/year, though I made a little more by taking a ridiculous number of overloads)

Age 41 to Present: Assistant to Full Professor, UA-Fort Smith (started at $38,000, now making $64,000, plus extra for summer pay)

In between all of these, I did some editing work, roofed houses, and mowed lawns, but usually that was for no pay / very little pay.

What's your work history?


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Age 11-16: babysitting ($2/hour)
(Also odd jobs for family, like raking leaves, etc.)
Age 17: Target, minimum wage.
Age 18: Pizza Hut cook, minimum wage
Age19-22: work study, including library, student assistant, etc. minimum wage
age 19-22 (summers): data entry, pizza cooking, assembly line (three boring summers), minimum wage
Age 22: bank teller - started minimum wage and got to $9/hour
Age 23-25: TA, data entry for bank (TA - 2/3 tuition, $500 per month to teach two classes), data entry (varied, but got up to about $11/hour when I got good at it)
Age 25-28: editorial assistant (grad school - 12,000/ year plus tuition)
Age 28-30, moved to CA, unemployed for more than a year. Had a baby.
Age 30-35 - adjunct, anywhere from 4500-7000 per class. Most ever made was $19,000/year
Age 36-now - FTTT job, started at 50,000, and now make 57,000, but I got denied tenure, so will probably be making $0 in about 13 months. 😑

It never gets any easier.

Bardiac said...

I couldn't list wages, for sure, for most. I've just forgotten.

Kid: wrapped presents, dog sitting, watered gardens, babysat.

First for real job (17): Macy's cashier
18: Unpaid internship, lab technician (yay for being middle class)
18+: paid lab technician
19: US Census worker
20: Gardening, painting, reception work
21: Peace Corps Volunteer
24: Temp work
26: Phone order, order research for the Franklin Funds
29: Pharmacy cashier
29: College Instructor
29: Grad student stipend, TA, Research assistant
35: Adjunct faculty
36: Assistant Professor (SLAC)
39-present: Assistant, Associate Prof, regional comprehensive university

delagar said...

I'm really enjoying seeing people's life/job histories!