Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tuesday Links

Links for your Tuesday!

Bald eagle cam -- two chicks expected soon UPDATE: They hatched!

The Kid turned me on to Pop Culture Detective. Here, he explains Toxic Masculinity, which is a term a lot of fragile snowflake manboys seem to be confused about. (Sarcastic? Me? Sorry, but when you've spent as much time as I have coddling tender little man fee-fees, you'll snap too.)

Speaking of tender fee-fees, here's the true story of the "persecuted" Christians who were "forced" to bake a gay wedding cake

Five Facts About the Minimum Wage

Probably everyone on the planet already knows about Andorra, but I only found out recently, and I am still saying whoa cool

The real danger to Americans isn't immigrants (which I know y'all know)

The comments on this one are worth reading

Trump, the GOP, and conservatives in general are still claiming climate change isn't real. And yet.

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