Sunday, October 01, 2017

On Time is Just Fine

I've sent off Fault Lines, just barely making my deadline -- but just barely still counts.

Meanwhile: the committee that eats my life is almost done with its meetings for this year, the vicious heat of summer is almost over, and we are almost sure the Kid is going to be fine (the last set of tests came back almost perfect, with just the ANA and iron panel still abnormal). We're waiting on one more test, plus we have a follow-up and probably another referral but the situation looks better now than it did a month ago.

On the other hand, holy hell our finances have crashed and burned. Medical care, even if it turns out your kid ain't dying, it ain't cheap.

So much for being out of debt.

Good thing I like rice and beans.


Contingent Cassandra said...

And this, of course, is why the financial stability of the nation, as well as its health, would be improved by single-payer. High(er) taxes are at least predictable, unlike medical bills, and can be designed so that they're more equitably shared.

But you knew that. And very good news that the kid is doing better; hurrah!

delagar said...

Thank you!

And yes -- every time I've gone into debt, medical bills have been the cause. >:(

A said...

Very glad that the kid is doing better! And looking forward to reading the novel.

And the state of medical insurance and medical costs in this country are unconscionable. (As, obviously, you know.) My students inform me, with the surety of experience on both sides (several, it seems, have worked in banks; others have had medical crises), that medical debt is treated differently by loan officers and credit ratings. It makes for a spirited discussion of the moral nature of debt, even as I hate that they have SO MUCH first hand experience.