Monday, October 23, 2017

Monday Links

I overslept and missed a meeting this morning. I blame my insomnia.

Have some links!

Richard Wilbur died. Aside from Sharon Olds, he's my favorite modern poet, so I was sad, even if he was nearly 100 years old. Some of my favorites: Advice to a Prophet,  Boy at the Window, The Writer, The Beautiful Changes, Still, Citizen Sparrow, Year's End

More poetry: The Gun Joke

Raptors and starling (nice photos)

Why 'Nazi' isn't just a slur (important read)

A resource for people who think having black people in fiction about Europe in the medieval period is PC

Those kids today

Women and Muxes take charge (a good link for people who insist heteronormative culture is universal)

Immigration leads to better science

The United Swears of America

(No pandas were harming in the making of the video)

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