Monday, October 09, 2017

Links for you!

The power went out here last night at just past midnight. The entire neighborhood was dark and silent. I've never slept so well.

Maybe it's noise that's been keeping me awake? We live in what I thought was a quiet neighborhood, especially compared to where I grew up, just outside of New Orleans, but the difference between what I had been calling quiet and the silence last night was... instructive.

Anyway! Have some links:

An art challenge, which had beautiful results: One sky

A comic that made me laugh far too hard

For everyone who, like me, is looking for more to read: 100 Must Read Short Story...

Buzzfeed is turning out good work -- this one on White Nationalism is a long read, but very good

Evangelicals erase history (this is my surprised face)

Advice about arguing on the internet

Something else to worry about

Old, but still funny: Books That Literally All White Men Own

White privilege

Dunning Kruger Applies

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