Friday, May 12, 2017

Liberal = Not-Christian

This attitude, which I'm not even sure Rod Dreher realizes he ascribes to, is one that my child was exposed to commonly as she grew up in our Red State.

It's not that Rod Dreher is saying, wow, look at how American attitudes toward these specific social questions have changed. No, he is literally saying that if someone is a Liberal they cannot be a Christian.

Granted, as someone who is not a Christian, I'm more bemused by this than worried by it. But it goes to character, as the lawyers say. It tells you what Rod Dreher, and people like him, think of their fellow citizens who don't happen to believe exactly what he believes about various issues.

When my kid was seven or eight, one of her classmates told her that her parents had said that Democrats were "dirty inside."

This is the same poisonous attitude. This is the same dehumanizing of your opposition.

ETA: And notice that the very first comment on Dreher's site is a lie. Apparently lying is fine, if you're lying about liberals.


nicoleandmaggie said...

Odd... I was taught that bigots who hate the poor and worship the rich aren't actually Christian. Like with Bible quotes and everything.


delagar said...

Same here. And that's what I read in the Sermon on the Mount, too. You know -- the words that Jesus actually said, as opposed to the hate that people like Rod put in his mouth.

D Shannon said...

It is worse here.

We'll start with a standard letter to the editor which shows the attitude you describe.

It should be read in order to fully experience this horror.

Is your newspaper that bad?

delagar said...

That's some serious projection in that letter. Yikes.

Our local newspaper is run by relatively sane people; I think they probably winnow out the hate mail. So our Letters to the Editor section, though it does tend to the Right, isn't as nearly as horrifying as that one.

But we do have a local FB page or two where the hater-aid flows free!