Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday Linkage

I'm spending these days between semesters taking all the books in the house off the shelves and out of the boxes in the back closet (where they have been stores forever), dusting the shelves and the books, and putting everything in alphabetical order, and order by subject.

So far I'm up to the C's.

I'm also writing a lot, though. Meanwhile, have some links!

Lots of people seemed to be confused by what cultural appropriation is and what we should care. Scalzi writes a post. (But a broad hint, for those who are confused: no, "cultural appropriation" does not meant that white straight people aren't "allowed" to write about people from other cultures.)

Also, Silvia Moreno-Garcia is crowd-funding for an actual Emerging Indigenous Writers Award.

If you have a teen, or are going to have a teen, or have been a teen, here's a resource for you: Scarleteen: Sex Education for the Real World.

This is Not A Crisis, GOP Says as Large Spider Devours Them -- a true history of the Grand Old Party at the moment

And here the true history of the everything in 19 minutes, by Bill Wurtz, who is a national treasure:

It's 19 minutes as I said, but SO worth it.

Bill Wurtz is the same guy who did this video, about the history of Japan, which you may remember:

That one is only 9 minutes.

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