Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spring Break: Here at Last

Everyone else in the country has already had their Spring Breaks, I believe. But ours is next week -- well, really it starts tomorrow for the kid, since the public schools get Friday off for a teacher training thing.

As the kid is in her last six weeks of high school and literally counting the minutes until she never has to go back to high school again, this extra Friday is all that stood between her and doom.

Only messing a little here. It's never been so hard to get this child off to school as it has been this past month. "Here's an idea," she tells me, frequently. "What if I drop out of school, right now?"

"That sounds like a fine idea," I say. "Then you can get a job at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is always hiring."

"But you are missing the point. Then I would never have to go back to high school, ever again."

Our plans for Spring Break: sleep a lot. Write a lot. (Do a lot of art, on the kid's part.) Go hiking at Devil's Den. Go up to Crystal Bridges at least once, to see the new exhibit, even if it is Roy Lichtenstein, who is the kid's mortal enemy. Take the dog to the dog park. Sleep some more.

The weather has been cold as balls here, but next week looks lovely.

Trump, meanwhile... sweet Jesus.


Bardiac said...

We have our break this coming week, too! I'm so excited.

Tell your lovely kid that we're rooting for her! And, I won't be the first (or last) to say, "it gets better!"

Rosa said...

Only six weeks left? WHOO! And has she totalled up her credits and made sure she really does need the last six weeks? sometimes people don't actually.

And, we don't have break until the first week of April, so you're not last. But I don't mind - it's nice when the weather's warmish by spring break.

delagar said...

Sadly, she does need the last six weeks. Believe me, she's reckoned every minute. :D

I'll pass your message on, Bardiac! Enjoy your spring break as much as we're enjoying ours!