Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Curious Encounter

So from time to time -- as many of you do -- I comment elsewhere in the blogosphere.

When I do so, I comment under my blogosphere name: as delagar, in other words. This is a name with no apparent gender. Often enough, out in the 'sphere, people assume I am male. (Go figure!)

I don't usually correct these people, because why would I? In general, we're having a discussion, and in general, what gender or sex I am has no bearing on that discussion.

Well, then this happened.

Over at a political site, a Trump support/troll, there to troll everyone, decided I was male early on. Let's call this Trump supporter Dick Johnson.

Dick spent his time on this site picking fights, not just with me, but with everyone. He revealed in a number of ways that he was an older man, badly educated, from the South, and very, very single. (Almost certainly he had never been in a relationship, which was sad, but it was hard to feel sorry for him, given how incredibly nasty he was to everyone.)

Then I mentioned Dr. Skull.

And I mention Dr. Skull was Jewish.


From this point on, our Trump supporter, Dick Johnson, stopped attacking anyone else. He fixated entirely on me -- the faggot "dick-lick" as he put it, having gay sex with a "Jew-boy," as he put it.

He spent post after post detailing in graphic detail the things he imagined me and my "Jew" partner were doing -- I'd give you details, but really, they're too sickening to repeat. Vile and savage doesn't begin to describe it.

The other commenters (I never replied to Dick Johnson) began to be creeped out by his obsession and weirdness, and to ask both him and the blog admin to put an end to it.  Dick Johnson just intensified his creepy fascination with my gay life and what me and my "Jew-boy" were doing to one another.

At length, I pointed his error out to him.  Bless your heart, I explained, it is possible to be married to a man without being gay.  Ask your mama to explain to you how that happens.

I bet you can guess what happened next.

I'm not gay, of course. But my kid is gay, and my nephew is gay, and I have friends and neighbors and students who are gay.

What Dick Johnson said to me is exactly what he would have said to any one of them. The hate and violence he spat at me is exactly what they have to hear from vile creeps like him all the time. All the fucking time.

These are the Trump voters we are supposed to reach out to. These are who were are meant to empathize with -- to try to understand, to try to work with.

I understand people like Dick Johnson just fine. They call themselves Christians, yet they have nothing in their lives but hate.

Do you want me to reach out to Dick Johnson? Do you want me to meet Dick Johnson halfway?

When hell fucking ices over I will.


Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Yeah, that's how I've been feeling about "reaching out." Even to people who might be more reasonable . . . I don't want to understand how their minds work.

Maybe someone more patient and charitable could manage it, but not me.

Nicoleandmaggie said...

Appeasement didn't work so well last century.