Thursday, August 04, 2016

New Office

So I heard from the Committee for Central Planning. My new office has been selected.

I have to admit I was in denial about all this. The CCP has been threatening to tear down our building for years, and nothing ever came of it. Sure, every other professor in the building except me and one other has been moved out over the past year... but surely the CCP was just, um, surely...

Nope. I'm out too, as of this month.

The new office is in a (slightly) newer building, which I suppose is good news.  It has a window (yay!) and only one bookshelf, but a much bigger desk. It's on a long hallway filled with my colleagues, so that's nice. The one bookshelf is going to be a problem -- I have three here in this office, and they are crammed full. I think I can fit the small one into the new office. Aside from that, I am going to have to weed out books, I guess. (NOOOOO.)

It's a nicer office in general, except for the bookcase issue -- by which I mean it doesn't look like it was built in a day and a half, which this office does, since it was. The walls aren't made of sheetrock, and the floor isn't indoor-outdoor carpeting laid over cement slab. That sort of thing.

Also I'd imagine the mold and dust issue is better over there.

I'd be pleased, in general -- and I will be pleased -- except for how I now have to moved. Once the move is done, I'm sure I will be pleased.


Rosa said...


Do they provide movers, once you pack? Or are you schlepping everything? Is this what suckup students are for?

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Can you ask for another bookshelf? Or is there no room for another? We have a furniture storage area under our chapel at HU and we go there for random stuff all the time -- like bookshelves. If you can request furniture, go for it.

delagar said...

Rosa -- I have to pack my stuff into boxes, but our grounds crew will haul it over to the new office for me after that. Which, yay, because it is blistering hot here and the new office is uphill from the old one.

Fie: If there was any room at all in the new office, I could take the bookshelves from the old office with me. Sadly, there's no room at all. Or, well, I think I can squeeze the smallest bookcase in. I'm going to measure on Monday. I'm also thinking of doing some re-arranging. It might be I can fit another shelf in if I shift some things around...

Nicholas Taylor said...

It seems like you love to have an office with a window. I bet it’s what anyone would want. I moved out of my old office last month due to a similar issue. I relocated with the help of one of the best moving companies in my town. By having your ground crew take care of your moving, I believe you’re saving a lot.