Monday, August 22, 2016

What's up with Me?

I've been writing and writing, which is why no posting.

Other news: I went in for a EGD, which is what they call it when they run a camera down your gullet to look at your throat and belly and decide if you need surgery to correct your ulcer or not. (Spoilers: Yep.)

Also: The new semester has started. I still haven't moved into my new office, though I have symbolically moved into it. By this I mean I moved my iconic bookend into it.

Iconic bookend looks like this. My (now dead) brother bought it for me, one Christmas when we were still friends:

Also: I am teaching two comp classes this semester, a fiction workshop, and a class which I expect to enjoy mightily, called World, Class, and Women. All of these are scheduled on Tues/Thursday, which means I'll have MWF to write, at least if I can avoid too many committee meetings. Knock wood.

Also: Last night at the Hugos, N.K.Jemisin won for best novel with her amazing book The Fifth Season. If you haven't read this yet, why are you reading this? Why are you not on your way to the bookstore? Buy the sequel while your there -- The Obelisk Gate, which just came out. (I've got it, but I've been writing so much I am only 20 or 30 pages into it.)

Also last night at the Hugos, the Puppies? REJECTED. Again. They've been whining about it all over their blogs today. For such tough guys, they do spend a great deal of time whining.

Also: My kid came home from school today and said, her tone odd, "I'm... having a good time at school this year."

It's so bizarre.


Bardiac said...

That's good news about your brilliant, artistic young'un!

delagar said...

I know, isn't it?

She's in a couple of classes she likes a lot, including a Craft class; and she's made an art friend, who is in the Craft class, who also is in her PE class and has her lunch period.

It's great.