Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Unpleasant Things That Happened This Week So Far

(1) My genderqueer kid got told by an adult who should know better that being LGBT is an evolutionary error, because gay people don't have babies, and evolution is all about passing on those genes, isn't it. Evolution is teleological, y'all. Who knew.

(2) My genderqueer kid also got told this wasn't homophobic at all, that it just made sense, because if everyone was gay, then no one would have babies, and then what would happen!

(3) I discovered that squirrels had chewed a hole in the side of the attic and are now frolicking away up there, the little fuckers.

(4) I called my landlord, who seemed very cheery about this. He said, Well! We'll have to see about that! I predict he will send someone to deal with the squirrels in 2019, or when the house burns to the ground, whichever comes first.

(5) I had to get up and six a.m. and go to my yearly health-screening. Okay, this wasn't that unpleasant. They have stopped the part where they fat-shame everyone with a BMI over 20. That's something.

(6) I still have insomnia. I haven't called the doctor yet.

(7) My poor old Big Dog (he's 14 now, which is old for a big dog) is losing the ability to stand. He keeps falling over when he tried to get up, and collapsing in the yard. He doesn't like being helped to stand either.  My sweet old guy. I think we're reaching the end game with Biggie.

(8) It's still hot here.

(9) I'm out of books to read. Who has book recommendations?

(10) I have meetings this week. Gah. Anything but meetings, y'all.

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