Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Grades Are In, Summer Begins

I have submitted my last set of grades (go me), and now my first true summer break in -- good shit, thirteen years? Yes, thirteen years -- is about to begin.

I'm not teaching Summer I this year, just Summer II. We'll be a bit poorer, but I have eight weeks free now to finish writing this novel (about Velocity, who if you read "Velocity's Ghost" in The Other Half of the Sky, you might remember). Which should be precisely enough time.

I've also started a garden (a tiny one) for the first time in nearly thirteen years. I miss having a vegetable garden, but who has the time, teaching non-stop? In past summers, I have put in a few tomato and bean plants, but they've almost always failed through neglect, and also through the terrible drought or deluge of rain (it's been one or the other since we've moved here).

This year the weather looks to be better, and also I might have time. I've put in peas and beans, tomatoes and leeks, watermelon, basil, and thyme.  We'll see!

I'm also hoping to (finally) get these piles and piles and piles of books in some sort of order.  We used to have all our books shelves neatly in alphabetical order according to subject matter.  But that was nine or ten years back.  Now everything is haphazardly shelved, and all the overflow stacked in corners and on top of shelves. When anyone wants to find a specific book, it's a two-day scavenger hunt, unless you get really lucky.

Then in July, I'm teaching Comp II.

Meanwhile, also some hiking in the nearby mountains, and frequent trips to the dog park.

That's my summer!  What's yours?

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