Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Um, Okay Then...

Rod Dreher knows that demons are real.

A Haitian cab driver told him so.

"I am not a crackpot," Rod Dreher says.

And the comments on this post.  Holy hell, if you will pardon my pun.  My favorite is the fella who knows demons are real because when his daughter was little there was this little girl who came over to play with his daughter, see.

And she was wearing this sweater.  And orange sweater.  With yellow markings.  And without even looking it up on the internet he just knew that was a demonic sweater. Something's not right about that girl, he told his wife.  And sure enough later he heard these growling noises coming from inside the girl...long story short, now his daughter is all grown up and has all sorts of problems, like anorexic, and it's because of the demonic influence of this demonic devil worshipping child they were so foolish as to let their child come into contact with at that demonic public school.

Let this be a warning to you!  HOME SCHOOL RULES!


D Shannon said...

Make that two taxi drivers. It's nice to know Dreher graduated from the Tom Friedman School of Journamalism [sic].

Seriously - Demons a threat? They're 6-10 this year and haven't won a title since 1964. I mention this only because I want to bring up this example of bad design from the 1970s:

delagar said...


(Friedman was who I thought of as well!)

delagar said...

I love that they were Haitian cab drivers too -- your Romantic fallacy in action. These men *must* be right, see, Rod is telling us, because they are Noble Savages, uncorrupted by Western education and soft living.

Yeah, he's not racist at all.

D Shannon said...

I'm thinking Haitian for a different reason. Dreher's probably not going to use Bengali cab drivers, since they probably going to be either Hindu or Muslim. Even if they agree with Dreher on demons, they don't have the "right" beliefs otherwise, so he can't use them. However, the majority of Haitians are Christian. They're safe.

Which reminds me of a story. Back in 1998 or 1999, I was approached by some college students promoting Christianity. One of them said that she's a Christian because there's a God. So I asked her, "Why do you follow Christianity instead of Islam?"

She responded very sweetly, "Why? Are you an Islam?"