Monday, July 20, 2015

Toxic Ignorance

So a town not far from my town has finally -- finally -- made the decision to add fluoride to its water supply.

This is a big deal for Arkansas.  In 2011, our governor made it a law that all cities and towns with populations over 5,000 people had to add fluoride to their water. (A great many did not, up to then, including my charming city of residence: we're supposed to have it starting in November 2015.)

Giving the appalling lack of dental care in Arkansas -- this is partly due to poverty, and partly due to a serious lack of dentists -- you'd think anything that improved people's teeth would be welcome.

But that just shows you don't know Arkansasans.


The comment section on the news story announcing that this town was adding fluoride to the water went batshit at once:

Dude: Fluoride is ok to swill around your mouth. Ingesting it is poisonous. The nazis knew about wanting to put these chemicals in mass water systems. 

Nother Guy: It absorbs, sublingually.. so swallowed or not, it's still getting into the bloodstream

Dudette: Turmeric supplements help to combat fluoride poisoning.
Dude: Just look into history, they sought to saturate the water supplies with chemicals that wouldn't cause immediate death but it wouldn't be good for you either. Fluoride was one of them. True a small amount won't kill you. Anything can be a poison all down to dosage. I wouldn't want to drink water laced with anything building up in my system everyday.

I’m A Doctor:  It was added the water in Germany to make people in populated areas calmer. It's also in poisons. And one of the first ingredients in prosaic

WAKE UP SHEEPLE: Fluoride is a by product from making aluminum. Yes it is not good for you. It is designed to enter act with chemtrails. Your deodorant your tooth paste many things have it. It serves you no good purpose.

Dude: Meta-analysis from Harvard found a correlation between fluoridated water and low IQ scores in children who grew up in the most fluoridated areas. Other studies have linked fluoridation to certain types of cancer. 

MidWest Miss: We have had fluoride in our water here in ohio for as long ask i can remember and i am also now old enough to have gone to many funerals of cancer victims from my high school. Coincidentally you be thw judge.

CA Kay: We've live in California most of our lives and they have had fluoride in there water forever! Never a cavity (along with good hygiene) then we moved to Arkansas 9 years ago and both my boys begin having cavities. Theres a safe amount and it does help in the long run.

Snarky: And that explains why California produces the biggest morons on the planet! Thank you for clearing that up for everyone!

Homeschooling Mom: We can fight this !!!!!! fluoride is liquid poison do your research!!! You don't need fluoride just brush her teeth and you'll be fine. our family drinks bottled water and brushes her teeth with coconut oil and baking soda for years . we have no cavities

Arkie: Ha!Ha! I agree with Snarky! Even though I also grew up in California. I've been an Arkie quite a while. Something is sure making people in California Stupid now! Undeniable.

Bored Now: Government control stupid.  Fluoride = Prozac, just like Germany.

And -- believe it or not -- it got worse from there.  Now and then someone would try to inject reason or sense into the debate, uselessly.

So, you know, if you want to know why 27% of this country might well end up supporting Donald Trump, yeah, there you go.


Anonymous said...

... but what about Our Precious Bodily Fluids?

delagar said...

Poisoned! Poisoned by the fluorides and the chemtrails!

RPS77 said...

I like the tie-in with the idea that psychiatric medications are a way to control the population.

delagar said...

IKR? That was my favorite bit, I think!