Friday, March 08, 2013

Why Is Everyone Interested In Dennis Prager's Gay Cow Sex?

I only recently even realized that I could access my blog's stat page (or that my blog even had a stat page -- that's how tech-backward I am) and so I've been kind of obsessed, rummaging around and learning all sorts of things I probably would have been better off never knowing.

For instance: the most popular post I ever wrote, apparently is one I wrote back in December 2005, on Dennis Prager's divorce.  In case y'all don't keep up with Right-Wing asshats, Dennis Prager is a Right-Wing asshat, a conservative misogynist who, at least in 2005, had his own talk radio show and used it to hold forth on all the things that were wrong with America, which was basically women getting uppity, when it wasn't liberal women getting uppity.  Plus we wore trousers.  That was bad too.

I am fairly sure this post is coming up in searches run by all of Prager's fans.  He has legions of fans.  I am thinking this because they have left hurt comments on the post in question, telling me I have no right to misjudge dear Mr. Prager.  (Since I hadn't gone back to the post since 2005, I had missed all this scolding.)

The other most popular post, though, is one I wrote in March 2005, on Hot Gay Cow Sex.

That one, I think, obviously, is being found by people hunting for, um, a certain sort of niche porn.

(Boy, are they disappointed.)

The third most commonly read post is one that references the Sopranos.

So!  Obviously what I need to do if I want to increase traffic is write a post about Dennis Prager having hot gay cow sex with Tony Soprano!

In trousers!

I'll be A-list in no time.

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