Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What Did You Do For Spring Break, dr. delagar?

Well, Friday we are going to Tulsa for my birthday, to visit the zoo and an art museum there which we've never yet seen.  Except for the cold nasty rain that's supposed to coincide with the visit that should be fun. Unless the car breaks down.  Always a chance, these days!

Otherwise I have been grading papers and cleaning house and grading exams.

And I wrote a new short story.

The heat is busted in our little slum of a house, so we're drinking a lot of hot coffee and tea while we wait for the landlord to fix it.  Which -- since they've got to the Bahamas or Italy or something for Spring Break (they own five or six liquor stores plus several houses here in town) could take a while.  The cat is curled up asleep on the duvet which I have wrapped around me while I write this, give me a narrow-eyed look of accusation now and then.  Make it warmer, hu-man!

Also I plan to make bagels later.

I have to say, I really did plan to have -- not exactly a better life, because I can't think of a better life than sitting about drinking tea and writing stories through long afternoons, with a snarky cat sleeping at my feet -- but certainly a less impoverished one.

Oh, well.  Life in America, I suppose.

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