Wednesday, October 17, 2012

News Flash: Mitt Lies Again

So if you watched the debate last night, you know there were several bits from Mitt that were jaw-dropping, yell at the TV outrageous -- like when he promised us that no middle-income person would pay taxes on their interest or capital gains.

Uh, yeah, Mitt.  That's a real problem among us making less than $50,000/year.  All that interest we have to pay on our capital gains.

But the "binders full of women" bit, ai.

Though I suppose it's no shock that someone who thinks the way to handle workplace and pay discrimination against women is to let them go home at quitting time so they can cook for their families would also be a ripe idiot about the problem of women getting paid fairly is noblesse oblige -- yeah, let the rich white guy decide on his own, out of the goodness of his heart, that women (and which women) deserve to be hired.

But worse?  His whole binder story is another Romney lie.

He didn't decide he needed to hire more women.  He didn't ask "women's groups" to find qualified women because none had applied for the positions in his cabinet.  And -- importantly -- although after he was pressured by the women's groups (who came to him and pointed out the dearth of women in his cabinet), although he did hire a few women (not as many as he claimed to have, last night), he put all those women in positions where they could do almost nothing in his government.

This is what you get with the GOP.  Soap suds and window dressing and lies, in the place of true justice, or true equality.


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dorki said...

My current definition of Republican:
"Robber Barons and Lunatic Fringe"