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Menial: Skilled Labor In Science Fiction

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Contact: Crossed Genres Publications • Bart Leib 617-335-2101 •

Crossed Genres Publications to release MENIAL: Skilled Labor in Science Fiction

New anthology presents seventeen short stories of workers in necessary but under-valued professions and the impact they have on their environments

On Monday, Jan. 21, 2013, at Arisia (New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention), Crossed Genres Publications of Somerville, Mass., will release Menial, an anthology of seventeen stories of skilled labor in science fiction.

From the literal guts of a spaceship, to the energy-starved lands of a future Earth, to the inhospitable surfaces of other planets, Menial explores the stories of people who understand and maintain the building blocks of civilization. They work hard, live hard, and love hard. They're not afraid to build the future they want to live in, even knowing the often high human cost of hard labor.

Menial continues Crossed Genres’ commitment to bringing underrepresented voices into fiction, with a mix of new and established writers.

Table of Contents:
"Diamond in the Rough" - AJ Fitzwater
"Thirty-Four Dollars" - M. Bennardo
"A Tale of a Fast Horse" - Sean Jones
"The Didibug Pin" - Barbara Krasnoff
"Sarah 87" - Camille Alexa
"Carnivores" - A.D. Spencer
"Urban Renewal" - Andrew C. Releford
"Storage" - Matthew Cherry
"Snowball the Rabbit Was Dead" - Angeli Primlani
"Leviathan" - Jasmine M. Templet
"All in a Day's Work" - Margaret M. Gilman
"The Belt" - Kevin Bennett
"Far, Far From Land" - Jude-Marie Green
" Big Steel In The Sky" - Clifford Royal Johns
"Air Supply" - Sophie Constable
"The Heart of the Union" - Dany G. Zuwen
"Ember" - Sabrina Vourvoulias
Cover art by Jael Bendt.

CG’s list of publications includes Sabrina Vourvoulias' Ink; Daniel José Older’s Salsa Nocturna; Kelly Jennings’ Broken Slate; RJ Astruc’s A Festival of Skeletons; as well as the anthologies SubversionFat Girl in a Strange Land, and the forthcoming Winterwell.

For more information about Menial, or any of Crossed Genres’ titles, contact Bart Leib at 617- 335- 2101 or by sending an email to

MENIAL: Skilled Labor in Science Fiction
Edited by Kelly Jennings and Shay Darrach
Crossed Genres Publications, Somerville, Mass.; Jan 21, 2013
ISBN-13: 978-0615705613 / ISBN-10: 0615705618

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