Saturday, October 20, 2012

Home Again, Home Again

We're back from the Arkansas Philological Association conferences, which was held in Hot Springs this year.  A nice city to hold a conference in, I must say.

It was held at the Arlington Hotel, which my kid (who goes with us to these things now that she is old enough to find the presentations interesting) said reminded her of the hotel in The Shining.  It was very like that hotel!   Built in 1924, it has the same long corridors, louvered doors on the rooms, and hot spring pools up on its 7th floor, as well as an attached walking trail that goes up into the national forest behind it.  The lobby was huge, marble, and very impressive.

The conference itself went well -- I read a story, and Dr. Skull his poetry, and we attended several interesting presentations -- but we had more fun, I think, roaming Central Avenue, the street the Arlington is on.  Lots of tourist shops, mainly; art galleries and rock shops.  You know I love rocks.  I got a lovely bit of tourmaline and a fossil ammonite.

But now I am exhausted, and I must teach on Monday.  I am thinking of showing Hedwig and the Angry Inch to my Queer Lit class -- has anyone seen that?  Is it too appalling to show undergrads?  I have a copy, loaned to me by a student, but I haven't yet screened it.

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