Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

It's a big debate in the 'sphere, about celebrating it or not, for us feminists.

mr. delagar and I always have, since I was first his surly girlfriend, mainly because I never had. I never did the prom, or girl-things, when I was a young and surly high school student; I used to tell him I wasn't a trained girl. While we were still getting to know each other, I told him once I never got any Valentines as a kid, which wasn't strictly true.  I did get those ones the teachers made us give everyone.  But other than that...

Anyway, on our first Valentine's Day apart, he Fed-Exed me 32 Valentines, all in one big box (I was 32 years old) for all the Valentines I hadn't gotten; along with a box of chocolates; and since then we have celebrated the day, though in various odd ways -- hiking, for instance, or driving to Tulsa to visit the zoo with a small child in tow.

Today, we're taking the kid to the Nature Center(free!), and then going to the bookstore to buy a book each (relatively cheap), and then eating dinner at Chef Lee's (kind of pricey, but oh well).  Then we'll come home and he'll finish making peach cobbler for me.  Oh boy!

So what about y'all?  Valentine's Day plans or not?


tonkelu said...

I'm thinking about heading to South Carolina to cash in on this nifty little Valentine's Day program.

zelda1 said...

I have the flu; however, I spent the day before the V day in the outpatient surgery, waiting on the EENT doctor to remove stuff from my grandson's nose. Turns out, he didn't have foreign objects in his nose, just a great big staph infection. Worse, I think. We usually watch a movie and eat a chocolate or two.