Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Still Creating Their Own Reality

You probably heard RNC Chair Michael Steele's claim, but I find I have to post it, in case you didn't: on CNN a few days ago: "Not in the history of mankind," he says, and I know we're already in trouble since that's how all bad sentences start, "has the government ever created a job."

Well, okay then.

Those years when my father was working for NASA -- 1959-1974 -- when, in fact, nearly everyone I knew had parents who were working for NASA -- what were those jobs, then?  Imaginary?


zelda1 said...

Yeah. Two of my great uncles helped build bridges during the WPA work projects. In fact, when I was kid and we would drive over one or the other that they worked on, my mother would proudly say, "Lon and Hanvy helped build this one."

delagar said...

Imaginary bridges!

Bardiac said...

Imaginary space ships! Imaginary state universities and colleges!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the job he just won a job created by the desire of the GOP to get other people into government jobs?

I'm surprised, actually, given the current state of the GOP that they haven't been fighting for a stimulus or bailout package.

Vance Maverick said...

I think Steele had a point which is still wrong, but somewhat less stupid. No doubt he understands that government can directly employ people. But he's also committed, by his party position, to doubting that government policy can affect employment in the private sector. I think it's this latter he meant to emphasize; he probably just doesn't care that it also sounds as though he's doubting the possibility of the sort of job he held himself in Maryland.