Saturday, February 07, 2009

Bad Economy Blues

This economy is not making me happy.

mr. delagar is still an adjunct, which means this bit of the year is a bitch for us -- his first paycheck doesn't come until the end of February (not that it will be much anyway), and we're still recovering from the holidays, and my shoulder surgery, and the kid's mouth surgery, and the car's heater breaking down.  Anyway, we're stone cold end of the line busted. Living on potato soup busted.  Can't pay the water bill busted.

So these antics of the Republicans, tax cuts for rich people, and how the problems of the economy are Obama's fault, you know, they're not amusing me.

I'm trying to keep a little faith, since Obama has handled shit like this well before.  If he's gone to handle them, shit, though, I wish he fucking well would.  We can only scrape by on the quarters and dimes we're finding under the sofa cushions for so long out here.

Update because this sounds SO whiny: On the other hand, the weather is nice here lately, not too cold or nasty, and I do have like the perfect kid and a fine life, except for not having enough money, and my shoulder is so much better now, I should really not be whining at all.  As Anne Lamott likes to say, any problem that can be solved with money is not a problem.

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sugaredharpy said...

Yep. Adjunct here too. Sucks right now! Oh, and summer. But at least it's prettier out.