Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Parenting: The I Suck Edition

Driving Back From Aikido:

Me: So how did it go tonight?

The Kid: Lousy. Didn't you see? I was paired with a pygmy moron.

Me: (laughing helplessly): She was five! Not stupid! Little!

The Kid: She's an idiot.

Me: Where did you learn to talk this way? Good shit!

The Kid: Where do you think? Pygmy moron.

Me: Hey!

The Kid: Sorry, sorry!

Me: Did you just call your mother a pygmy moron? Really?

The Kid: It was an accident! It slipped out!

Me: I'm not even short! I'm 5'7"!

The Kid: I didn't mean it!

So they're all right, folks, all those people who tell you you reap what you sow: raise your kid with snottiness, you get a snotty kid.


Anonymous said...

She's fantastic! What a good Mom you are.

Anonymous said...

There is a saying in my family:
"The nuts don't fall far from the tree".

delagar said...

Well, in her defense, she was really tired & cranky, and coming down with the flu, which she has today. Yeah, let's call it that!

zelda1 said...

The flu! Man that sucks. I hope she gets over it quickly. Also, it's perfectly fine for her to think that five-year-olds are morons or too short or creepy. That happens around the time the hormones start to kick in. Get ready for a wild and crazy next few years. LOL

sugaredharpy said...

Poor babe with the flu! She is an awesome bright girl, hooray! And YEP, I've learned that you certainly do get back snark if you give it throughout their life. I like it.