Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Universal Pre-K

Over on Kathy G.'s blog, the G-Spot, you can read an excellent post on why Universal Pre-K would be good for us, no matter what the Family values crowd keeps claiming. She refutes the bloviations about how Head-Start is a waste of money and that myth you've heard about early intervention being useless; she also gives attention to the notion that vouchers are a better solution.

Here's one paragraph:

"...researchers began to look at other outcomes, such as the impact on school completion, crime, welfare dependency, teen pregnancy, employment, and earnings. And once those outcomes were factored in, and quantified, the early childhood education programs began to look a whole lot more successful. Certainly, they've been proven to have a much higher rate of return than later interventions such as "reduced pupil-teacher ratios, public job training, convict rehabilitation programs, tuition subsidies or expenditure on police."

Here's the link:

(Via Lizardbreath on Unfogged.)

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