Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trying Hard Not to Violate Godwin's Law

If you read that sickening column by Kathleen Parker, noted Townhall whacktard, which was widely published, not just in the Washington Post, but in newspapers all over the nation, claiming that only (white) Americans who had anscestors who had been born in this country for the past two hundred years -- on both sides!! One side only doesn't count!! -- really count as Americans, because only *those* people can really *feel* what it means to be an American (not, in other words, some (dark guy) named Obama...if that made you as furious and as queasy as it did the rest of us, well, go on over here to Bitch Ph.D. where it gets ripped up one side and down the other:

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zelda1 said...

WTF. Real Americans? Wouldn't that be the Americans we call Native Americans? Hmmm, so weird.