Tuesday, May 13, 2008


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Katha Pollit tells us why it's truly worth getting torqued about that WU is giving Phyllis Schlafly an honorary degree, despite what got claimed over there at Crooked Timber in the comments (to wit: "Most people don't even know who this woman is anymore, so who cares?").

Yeah, and? Well, most of my students won't call themselves feminists; most of them believe, because of Schlafly, and yes, at her door I lay the blame, that feminists are evil. She didn't do the work on her own; but she began it.

Further, she, like those who came after her -- Ann Coulter and the like -- worked with lies and misrepresentation: and she knew it, just as they do. She did not think she was telling the truth about feminism when she worked to defeat the ERA. Not for a minute did she believe the charges she was putting forth, about unisex bathrooms and how widows would not get SS, were true: she had a law degree. She knew better. She knew she was telling lies that would play well with the ignorant that were her audience.

Now we're holding her up as a hero?

Oh, yay, America.


BrightBoy said...

The Right really are disgusting. One of the reasons I barely watch TV is because I can't stand them.

zelda1 said...

Well this just sucks!