Thursday, May 29, 2008


Here's a meme I keep hearing about Obama -- "But what do we knoo-oo-oow about him?" "But we don't really kn00-00w anything about him!!"

Like this guy just dropped in from planet Zorg, and, you know, there's no way to find out who he is. So therefore we can't possibily elect him President.

I saw it again over there on one of the Winger Blogs, Dr. Helen's, I think -- "We don't know anything about Obama, and all he ever says is Hope, so I don't see why..."

You know, anyone who doesn't know anything about Obama by now, he's had his head up your ass, or been watching Faux News for the past three years, which I guess is the same thing. But hey, I've got a solution. It's called Wikipedia. Go here: Obama. Links and everything.

Or, or our brethern on the right who think the NPOV on Wikipedia is "too liberal, here's the hate-filled screed they publish over on Conservapedia, which should make them feel more at home (It starts out with a picture of Obama refusing to salute the flag during the National Anthem, and goes downhill from there).


Anonymous said...

He's a black man with a funny name. The Wingers don't care to know anything else.

delagar said...

I like how the Conservapedia site keeps calling him Barack Hussein Obama, just so we don't forget his terrorist connections.

tonkelu said...

He is the terrorists' candidate after all.


What really gets me is when they "misspeak" and say "Osama" and not "Obama." I saw a woman on Faux News do exactly that the other day. A couple people in the studio said "Ooh" in very seventh grade fashion to which she replied, "he's just as bad as far as I'm concerned." WTF? Let me get this straight: Democrat with Muslim name = mastermind behind worst terrorist attack in U.S. history?

Diane said...

People in this country don't want to know much about Obama or about anything, I don't think. And the situation is only getting worse.

(Of course, that's a double-edged sword: I've been learning about Obama since 2004, and consequently do not want him to be president.)

tonkelu said...

Then, by all means, vote for McCain. God help us all if he wins.