Monday, June 27, 2005

Why I Would Not Make A Good Pioneer

Because when the AC goes down, so do I.

Yep, it broke again. Came home to find the house at 90 degrees.

Cute sweaty guy came and fixed it, once again, in two minutes, but it took him two hours to get here this time, and he says it will break again tomorrow -- soon as the day heats up, he predicts. He says he needs to get a part. He told me the name of the part, but as I am a classics professor and not a parts professor I promptly forgot the name of the part. I do remember it is only available in Fayetteville, and so he will have to drive up the mountain to fetch it.

Luckily he was going there anyway.

But yikes. I cannot take not having cooo-ooold in the house. What a wimp I am.

Luckily the blogosphere continues to conspire to cheer me up.


Via No Fancy Name

Which I found, I think -- can't actually remember anymore -- Via Geeky Mom.

I find most of my good stuff via GM these days.

Or if not through GM than through PZ


zelda1 said...

While I love the central air, I could learn to find a cool shade, but I could never get acclimated to the outhouse or the behind-the-bush as my toilet. I did the outhouse thing many many years ago and the spiders and granddaddy long legs kept me from visiting the outhouse until it was almost too late. So, I would not make a good pioneer for that very reason, oh, and there's the coffee grinder and automatic drip and light after dark. I read too much to not have light and wait, the computer. On the Oregon trail, I would have liked to have my laptop. Let me see, oh yeah, I would want ice for my tea. But otherwise, I could hang with Laura in the big woods.

delagar said...

Zelda -- don't forget the net. Trying going w/o the net for six hours straight sometime. I get datastarve.

JM said...

I love the Internets! :)