Thursday, June 30, 2005

MORE Persecution of Christians!

From Jeffrey Feldman, over at the Frameshop:

Last night on national TV, while most Americans were getting ready to listen to the President talk about Iraq, Chris Matthews filled a room with about 1,500 Evangelical Christians, two Jews and a Muslim. Next, he asked them questions about the separation of church and state, abortion, and morality. He called the whole thing a healthy discussion about religion.

What did America learn?

Well, we learned that America has very serious problem. We learned that Christians in this country are the victims of widespread discrimination so extreme that the moral foundation of our nation is at risk. We learned that the plight of Christians in this country, today is the same as the plight of segregated blacks was in the 1950s. We learned that our country is facing a battle like the civil rights battle to stop Christians from being excluded from American society. We learned that the repression of Christianity in this country is systematic, and has been going on for years. We learned that this country has become so committed to the rights of minorities that it has forsaken the rights of the majority.
Yes indeed.

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zelda1 said...

Christians are being discriminated against. Where is that? Is it that they are being disagreed with and therefore, they are calling that discrimination? To compare the plight of christians as the same as the civil rights battle is such a fallacy. Let's see, African Americans banned from schools, lynched, given hell no matter where they went or what they did, feared eye contact, recieved second class care and service and on and on. Christians, oooo wait, they get what kind of harsh treatment, and when was the last time they were lynched, it seems to me they did the lynching, they allowed the holocaust, they enacted pograms, they preach love but walk out of the church with blinders on. I don't have to think about my color, it is never an issue, it is not in my definition, it is not a part of a double consciousness so therefore, my color or my status as being in the majority does not limit my rights. I venture to say that AFrican Americans are always thinking about their color, they are aware of the double consciouness, and they are treated differently because of their color and most of the time those doing the ill treatment are hmmm oh yeah, CHRISTIANS.