Thursday, June 09, 2005

Makes My Head Hurt

All sorts of Anti-Breast-Feeding posts on the Winger blogs -- like this one

And women objecting to Walters' comment, as here

but it's the comments that are really making me weary.

I thought -- or I had hoped, I guess -- that by now we would be past this.

But all these comments, and women are making them as well as men, are saying all the same stupid things I heard when I was nursing the kid, five years ago:

"You wouldn't take defecate in public, so why would you do that in public?" (Conservatives are reluctant to name the act of nursing. It's just so, well, specific.)

Oh, yes. Shitting and feeding a child. They're exactly the same thing.

"Why can't you go sit in the woman's room if you have to do that?"

Right. And why don't you go eat your lunch in the men's room? Bet your ham sandwich will taste lovely basted in the smell of shit.

"Can't you, ah, you know, pump before hand? And then use a bottle? Considerate women do that."

Good for them. (1) Bottles don't stay sterile. (2) Not all women are good at pumping. (3) Not all babies take bottles. (4) Why the hell should I? Because the sight of a baby sucking at an actual nipple offends you? That makes you an idiot, not right.

"Women should just stay home if they're nursing."

I love this one. I nursed my child for two and a half years. I should STAY HOME if I'm nursing? Well, yes. I suppose Conservative Christian wives would.

"Isn't that child a little old to be nursing?"

I love this one too. It shows how ignorant the commenter is. Babies, apparently, should, like puppies, be weaned at six weeks. What fucktards.

"It's just disgusting. I don't want to look at that."

Uh. Okay. Don't. Your head is on this thing? Called a neck? It turns? Check it out, son.

"Liberals want to force all of us to live by their rules..."

I don't even get this one. It was on VoxDay's site. (A) How does me nursing my child force him to, well, do anything? And (B) Wow, you want to talk about projection.

"People don't have a right to breast-feed in public. And I don't like watching it. It makes me uncomfortable. So, since it makes me uncomfortable, they should stop." (I'm paraphrasing this one, and combining several different comments.)

Okay. Let's substitute "pray" for "breastfeed" here. How would you feel about that one, Right-Wing Christian? Because, you know what? Watching a bunch of you sit down at the mall and pray -- which you keep doing around here -- does, in fact, make me uncomfortable. I have to start wondering, at that point, how soon it will be before you and yours rise up and start marching me and mine off to the camps. (No, seriously. This is actually a thing I actually do have to worry about. The last pogroms weren't that long ago.) So I do get a little itchy when Leviticans start holding their hands in the air and calling on the blood of LORD JESUS to cast the demons out of the sinners in the area, yeah, I do.

But do I go whining about it? Nah. You know what I do? I take a deep breath and remind myself that I live in a free society and that part of the price I pay for living in a free society is that I have to live among people that, from time to time, bug the living shit out of me.

Like that dope in Indiana a while back. Mr. American Fries. Ai. That boy.


If someone is so appallingly upset by the sight of a woman feeding her child that he just can't bear it, first of all, he's a titty baby, and he should grow up; second, you know what? He should move to another chair, so he doesn't have to look. Third, he should thank his lucky stars that he lives here, in America, where people like him, and that woman with the baby, and yep, me, the eee-eee-vil liberal, are all free to make our own choices about how we want to live our lives.

I'm just saying.

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