Saturday, June 11, 2005

Democracy? We don't need no stinking Democracy.

Bush wants to re-up the Patriot Act, some bits of which are due to expire soon.

Some of us out are have real problems with that act, always have had real problems with that act -- and, in that regard, the House thought it might be a good idea to hold hearings, discussing those concerns before renewing it. (Unlike when it was passed, when, as you know, it was passed without many of our Representatives even reading it, apparently.)

What was the reaction to the House Republicans to these hearings?

(1) They refused to let witnesses speak that they did not want to hear from (because, as you know, dissent is, after all, treason).

(2) They shut the microphones of the Democrats off.

(3) They walked out.

No doubt waving their blue fingers in the air as they went.

Democracy? Well, you know. That's for Iraqis.

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