Friday, June 10, 2005

What DED Space Said

I am tired of seeing women scream at and hit their babies in public. If we had half the uproar over that as we do over breast-feeding, we might be able to do something about this country's epidemic of child abuse and subsequent violence.


Love your babies in public? That's disgusting.

Smack them in public? That's being a good parent.

Welcome to America.


zelda1 said...

And when I see children being hit, I follow their parents to their car and call 911 and give them the license plate. If they are getting hit really hard inside the store, I approach the parents and tell them to stop. On more than one occassion, when I have told someone to stop committing child abuse, other people in the store back me up. One day, I followed a man and woman to their car because he was yelling at this toddler. I watched him yank the child out of the cart and the baby began to cry and he began spanking the child. I yelled for him to stop as did two other women. I called 911 but they were already on their way because someone else did it too. They arrested the man and took the children, yes there was another young child in the car too and two older ones in the car waiting. It was so sad.

delagar said...

Good for you. I always wonder what to do about people smacking kids in public. So the cops will bust the parents if someone calls it in?