Tuesday, June 14, 2005


You've surely seen this story already -- it's all over the Lefty blogs -- the Levitican Christian Loudmouth declaring that Gay folk ought to be labeled (yes, you know, just like Hitler labeled folks like Jews and gays and Jehovah's Witnesses and gypsies and anyone else that wasn't a white folk like him) to Warn Good Christians -- uh, why, wasn't exactly clear, from the story. Maybe she thought teh gay was catching?


Anyway, the more I think about this, and about other things happening over there on the Right lately, like Assrocket and his wild comments about Byrd, and that whole wild spin on breastfeeding a few days back, the more I'm starting to think something's up. It's not exactly sane, the stuff they're saying these days.

Well, yeah, I know. When was it? But at least it was sort of in the ballpark of sanity before. In the range of sensible. Now it's move into tinfoil hat whackaloon raving.

I have a theory.

Okay, a couple theories.

(1) Did you notice that several of the Rightie blogs spoke in favor of medical mj? That's all I'm going to say about that one.

(2) Bush's approval ratings. Oh, my, are those puppies low. That's gotta sting.

(3) Sublimation*. They can't talk about the stuff that matters, because all the stuff that matters is really, really bad news -- the Iraqi war is a disaster, that Downing street memo thing, Bush is tanking so hard even O'Reilly is gagging -- so they just keep spitting out the first stupid thing that enters their heads. Unfortunately, because they are, after all, really thinking about the things that matter (like the rest of us) what comes out is, in fact, really stupid.

(4) Transference. They're really furious at themselves for the mess they got our country into. But they don't want to hate themselves -- hey, who does? So they're going to hate someone else. In this case, gay folk. In other cases, feminists. Or Leftists. Or Iraqis. Hey, they could care less. So long as they don't have to blame, oh, you know, Bush. Or their own damn selves. Because, now, who was it voted for him? Twice? So these things they're saying that look irrational? Oddly enough, it's because they are irrational. And I don't suppose there's any hope that enough of them will wake up any time soon and notice that.

Those are my theories, anyway.

*Apologies to actual psychologists/therapists/psychology folk out there -- I know I'm not using these terms in their correct technical sense. You know how we literature folk are.

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Anonymous said...

If you read some of the really hard-right blogs, they tend to lump Bush in with "the Left," that Bush suffers from liberalism as bad any Democrat. This allows them to distance themselves from their President (whether the accept him or not) and are able to say, Nader-like, a curse on both your houses. The Right is suffering some serious cognitive dissonence and it is always easier to blame "the Other" (they have had a lot of practice) than to look inward. If that means throwing Bush under the bus to preserve the purity of their ideology (and in many cases the purity of the country--they hate Bush on immigration) so be it.