Saturday, June 11, 2005


Rebecca Hagelin dances as rapidly as she can here to keep her nimble little mind away from the point -- we Liberals, she claims, we NOW members, we Feminists, we just can't take men who pray, fathers who believe in Jesus.

She's so confused about what our problem might be.

What's wrong with a daddy on his knees, praying to his Lord?

Yeah. Cause that's what troubles us about the Promise-Keepers, that they might make guys pray or something.

The Promise-Keepers descended on Arkansas yesterday -- were given a public stadium to descend into, funded with State money, in other words, at the University of Arkansas, because, you know, in Arkansas there is no separate of Church and State and Jesus is the State -- where was I? Oh, yeah, anyway, Rebecca, the problem is not that Daddy might pray.


The problem is those other things you talk about: gender traditionalism, and how nice it is that these "Evangelical" dads are "stricter" with their kids. (You don't mention that they're stricter with their wives too. Must have slipped your mind.)

Luckily, s.z. over at World'O'Crap has just done a lengthy and well-put together review on these "strict" daddies, so I'm able to simply refer you to her post:

Head on over there, and you can see, Miss Rebecca, exactly what we're objecting to in the Evangelical slash Promise-Keeper tradition. It ain't the Praying. And it ain't the Jesus either.

It is, in some respects, saps like you, who keep on believing that so long as people stick the word God on it it's all good.

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