Sunday, June 26, 2005

Serious Crisis

Serious Crisis here in NorthWest Arkansas:

Our AC went down last night.

This is bad news, as those of you who have lived in the south know. (It was 96 in the shade here yesterday.) I nearly crashed the household of my fellow liberal professor, except I knew she had parents visiting. So we rented a hotel room instead, much to the kid's delight. She loves hotels.

Then we called the guy today. I didn't think the guy would come out on a Sunday morning, not in Arkansas, the rustiest bit of the Bible Belt, but he* not only did, he came right then. And fixed it.

Apparently I am not the only one who knows that life is not worth living without a functioning air conditioner.

It is now 78 in here, down from 86 three hours ago.

I am slowly reconsidering my earlier decision re entering the convent in Canada.

*A cute sweaty guy, for those of you interested in such things.


Laura said...

Totally happened to me in AR. We did the same thing--hotel city. It sucked the big one. And the temps were over 100.

zelda1 said...

It happened to me year before last. It was at least 105 degrees. I called the cute sweaty guy and he came right over, a friend of my son's, and he said, "needs a cleaning." So he took the thing apart and in my front yard, sprayed it down and blew it out and put it back together and when it cooled down, we had frost on our windows which is how I like it in the summer and the winter. I must have cold air. I gave him a fifty dollar tip for coming out on such short notice and for wearing that cute little muscle shirt. To think, all those years that he spent over my house as a skinny little kid with braces and acne, now he is the cute sweaty guy. He also looks right nice hauling hay. I have watched him with my friends.