Monday, June 06, 2005

No Blastocyte Left Behind

Here's how the rhetoric is being shaped lately, what with "Snowflake" adoptions and DeLay ranting about "dismembering" infants (when what he's actually talking about is a blastocyte, a ball of eight (8) cells with the potential to become an embryo):

"Bush says "there is no such thing as a spare embryo." He buys the pro-life argument that the terms "spare" and "surplus" are misleading. If you and your spouse make two dozen embryos and implant only a few, the rest are spares to you. But they aren't spares to another couple who wants them. From a pro-life standpoint, you've "abandoned the child."

There's more. The rhetoric being reported on is just as rich.

Here's my question -- or, okay, questions.

(1) You "adopt" 24 "snowflake" "embryo" "infants" -- they're actually blastocytes, but whatever. We thaw them for you, implant them, the whole works. You realize, cause we've done warned you about this, that the survival rate is Not Good with our Present Technology. All but one "infant" dies. Haven't you just slaughtered 23 innocents? Aren't you a murderer, just as much as any eee-eee-eevil aborting liberal slut? Would it not have been better to leave those "snowflake" babies frozen until the technology improved?

(2) The cost of attempting to implant these "infants" runs about $750,000.00. Or so I understand. For a run of 24 embryos. Sorry. Infants. Do the folks "adopting" these "snowflake" "infants" realize that actual human infants who already exist on this actual planet are actually dying for want of relatively cheap medical supplies, clean food, and water? Do you know how much food, water, and medicine $750,000.00 could buy? How many lives you could save with that money? Hmmm. Wonder What Jesus Would Do?

(3) If these blastocytes are actually infants, as Mr. Delay and Our President is arguing, if you believe they are right, I mean, then all forms of birth control other than barrier methods are indeed abortion. I think you can see where this chain of "logic" ends. I further add that this is precisely where the folks making this argument mean it to end. Call me paranoid if you like: I admit I'm getting pretty nervous, boy.

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