Friday, June 24, 2005


Amanda over on Pandagon makes a point about women leads in movies:

I hadn't noticed this, since, as I may have mentioned, I ain't been going to movies much for the past seven years, what with the kid thing.

Also, of course, there's the problem with movies sucking these days.

It occurs to me that Amanda's observation (via Carina Chocano) may be part of the reason why movies are filled with such suckitude. One thing required for a movie to hold interest is, in fact, conflict. When one cannot have a female lead who is an actual character, because she is required to be an empty vessel, well, where does one find conflict?

In movies these days, often, apparently, by blowing shit up.

This bores me.

Not many people, I guess, but me.

(Tried to watch Cold Mountain on DVD last night -- can you tell?)

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