Friday, June 24, 2005

Kid News

The kid is back.

She grew another inch. This is excellent news, because she's finally big enough that we can move her out of the car seat*, but on the other hand, what's up with that? Who told this kid she could go growing when my back was turned? She'll be thinking she can go off to college or something next.

She's also all tanned and she got a haircut and my word she's noisy.

I don't think she used to be this noisy.

Good thing she's going to be spending her days with my fellow liberal professor, huh?

*You know they're supposed to be in the car seat until they're eight or until they're 80 pounds or until they're big eough that when they're sitting with their backs against the back of the seat, their legs bend over the edge of the seat? I thought we'd never get there. We're not going to get to 80 pounds until she's about 12, it looks like, but we did finally get her tall enough.


The OTHER liberal professor said...

You've finally provoked me out of my lurking silence. . . Heh.

FYI: "Miles" is excited about having his intended to visit next week. We've bought some paints and some play clay and stuff. Let the chaos begin!

And yes, she was always that loud. It's part of her charm.

zelda1 said...

A lurking liberal, how cool. So, there will be paints and play clay stuff? Is there an age limit on this party?

delagar said...

I thought that one might get you to delurk!

academic coach said...

I finally have 3 out of 4 out of car seats (twins graduated in May) and #4 is now (usually)fastening the seat belt w/out help. Somehow, for some reason, this is an even more welcome than the diaper-free transition. #4 to go to kindergarten this fall. Twas told there would be mega nostalgia and regret at this transition. Hmmmm. Right now, feeling only eagerness. On the other hand, when the first new menstrual period hits the house -- I think That will shake my stilts. Hope I have a few years to go on that one...