Monday, June 20, 2005


Via Seeing the Forest:

We're using Napalm in Iraq -- and lying about it, of course.

I mean, of course we're lying about it.

What else have we fucking done about anything to do with this war but lie about it?

Haven't used it on civilians, apparently, but as the end of the article makes clear, that's hardly a safe bet.

Mike Moore, the Liberal Democrat defence spokes-man, said: "It is very serious that this type of weapon was used in Iraq, but this shows the US has not been completely open with the UK. We are supposed to have a special relationship.

"It has also taken two months for the minister to clear this up. This is welcome candour, but it will raise fresh questions about how open the Government wished to be... before the election."

The MK77 bombs, an evolution of the napalm used in Vietnam and Korea, carry kerosene-based jet fuel and polystyrene so that, like napalm, the gel sticks to structures and to its victims. The bombs lack stabilising fins, making them far from precise.

I'm sitting here wondering what planet this is.

Is this my country doing these things? Is this my America?

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