Monday, June 20, 2005

Friday Night

Friday night* we were standing in the Harp's studying our ice cream options and discussing an ethical dilemma which I can't get into here, as it concerns a student, and it occured to me that mr. delagar and I quote movies the way that, no doubt, fundavangelicals quote scripture, and for the same purpose.

He says to me, "You can't just do nothing."

And I says to him, quoting Lawrence of Arabia, "Why not? It's usually best."

And he accepted this as a valid rebuttal.

I mean, I won the entire argument with that quotation. Just 'cause it was a quotation from a really good movie.

Jeez. These secular humanists.

*Friday night is date night now that the kid is away visiting her grandparents. We went out to dinner, and to see the new Batman movie, which was watchable, though (for me) highly incoherent in the action sequences (I think you have to play computer games to follow action sequences in movies these days, which I don't), not to mention, what is it with the women's roles in these Superhero movies? First she doesn't want him because he's going to kill the bad guys, then she doesn't want him because he's not doing anything to fight the bad guys, then she doesn't want him because he's fighting bad guys. Okay, what? But don't mind me: except for Buffy, which is a special case, I have no affection for the Superhero genre as a whole. But mr. delagar, who does pop culture, loves them all, so along I go, and some of the bits are nice bits, and I did make him watch Buffy the Musical with me that time, so. And afterwards we bought ice cream at the Harp's and took it home and watched Bertie and Jeeves on DVD. I like that Hugh Laurie, even when he's playing a dope.

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