Friday, November 10, 2023

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 It rained all day yesterday and also got cold, and today, though sunny, was also cold. I had to be at school yesterday from seven until 3:30, walking across campus several times, and I had forgotten my umbrella, but the very nice guy in the office next to mine, who used to be my student but is now running a program through the writing center, loaned me his, luckily.

Anyway, I came home at 4:30, having stopped for groceries, and kind of collapsed. I may be too old for this high-paced professor life.

I woke up this morning at 5:30 and drank tea and wrote something and then it was only 11:00, so I went to the gym. This is a terrible time to go to the gym, as it develops. Not only was everyone in the Fort there, there were several exercise classes being held and each instructor had music and loudspeaker and a microphone through which they were bellowing instructions.

I do not do well with noise and tons of people all talking and moving at once. But I rode my stationary bike and did weights and managed to walk a little, leaving after 30 minutes instead of 40. I took heart from this post, over at Nicole & Maggie's, where a guy in the comments says even a little exercise is better than no exercise. But ugh.

The dog was very glad when I came home early. Dr. Skull was having a nap.

I spent the afternoon reading a book I'm going to review for Interzone, and then fell asleep around 3:00 and slept until five. Getting up at dawn does not suit me.

Also the kid sent me a text: Remember when will smith slapped a guy and then for like two weeks after there were a bunch of very serious thinkpieces about Will smith slapping a guy

Ah, internet culture. You gotta love it.

I'm going to watch something on YouTube and go to bed early.

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