Thursday, November 09, 2023

Is This an Omen?

 I had to cancel class because my classroom was full of wasps.

ETA: Ever since I posted this on FB, I've had people stopping by my office to tell me about various insect-swarm related catastrophes. It made for a fun afternoon!


Jenny F Scientist said...

Full of literal wasps is a bit too on the nose. Come to think of it, my former (academic) employer's whole [redacted] department also had a literal AND metaphorical wasp infestation, which nobody ever fixed. And people wonder why I left.

delagar said...

Our departmental admin assistant had Asian beetles invade her kitchen, and my kid, when he was working at a local grocery, had the entire entrance way fill up with swarming bees. Another person had a lab they used to work at infested with crickets.