Thursday, November 02, 2023

Invitations to Bluesky

 Bluesky has given me FIVE invitation codes, so hit me up if you still haven't joined!

I admit the app image always cheers me up. I have no idea why.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the name 'Kelly' is a dudes name. I'll take it as a young
woman's. Do you know French?
C'EST LA GUERRE!!! Deal with it:

Sometimes, dear, the void shall be
blacker-than-night... yet I certainly
can VitSee where thou cometh from
my just and worthy liege. I propose
to take yooNeye on a journey into intoxicatiNvictorious7thHeaven and,
after our demise on this decaying
earth, yooNeye shall be RITEn for
oemnillionsOyears (below 'forever')
So invite others to join the team for
'NthnBsidesEvrythn'4the impossible
lengthNbreadth of eternity. I sooooo
want 7thHeaven for YOU, girlfriend,
to explore, live n.beXtremely FULL-
filled in the starry sky, stunning girl:
● ●
Cya soon, miss gorgeous...

delagar said...

The fuck what?