Thursday, January 20, 2022



The best take I saw on this one was a tweet that read something like, "It's an average income, Michael, how much could it be? $800,000?"

(Average income in my town is currently around $25,000, for comparison. Median household income $41, 725.)


nicoleandmaggie said...

Even though I *know* the numbers, and have to update them in my class notes every couple years or so depending on what I'm teaching, I'm always a little shocked at how low it is and how low joint household income is. And I feel guilty because we spend more than the average household income every year, not even including our savings, even back when we were putting off major purchases and I hadn't started buying junk and throwing money at things like I've been doing since the pandemic started.

delagar said...

I mean, it explains why those segments of society don't think student loans should be a problem, at least.