Saturday, August 21, 2021

What I'm Reading Now in French

 I've been doing French on Duolingo for 489 straight days now and I can read the French bits in English novels (which is nice). Next goal: reading actual French novels.

I'm starting with this one, which I got from Thriftbooks. 

If you haven't discovered Thriftbooks yet, highly recommend: they have almost everything I'm looking for, and what they don't have they will let you add to your wishlist, and tell you when it comes in. Mostly you can get what you need for less than five dollars; occasional rare items can be very expensive, but I just don't buy those.

Also, their shipping is only a dollar per book, or absolutely free if you buy more than ten dollars worth at a time. I save up books (they'll hold them in your basket) until I have enough to get free shipping, and then buy them. Oh! And once you buy enough books, you get a free book! I think it's like $50 worth of books, though I'll admit I haven't really kept track of that part.

Anyway, I am pleased to find that I can read Le Petit Nicolas, which is a children's book, quite easily.

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