Monday, August 23, 2021

Summer's Lease

It was just so hot today -- 98 degrees at six p.m. when I finally finished teaching, oppressive humidity, scorching sun. Very unpleasant, but worse than that just exhausting. Being so hot, with such thick air, and such painful sunlight, wears me to the bone.

I grew up in New Orleans, which is likewise hot and humid. I remember running (literally running, as fast as I could go) down the streets of my neighborhood, and climbing trees, and playing kickball and tag and I don't remember even feeling the heat. Well, I remember the sidewalk being so hot it burned my feet (we all went barefoot all the time then) but other than that....

Do kids just have some magic feature of their metabolism which makes them impervious to heat?

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nicoleandmaggie said...

Not me-- as a kid I spent the summers wilting in my parents' basement because it was a little bit cooler down there. But we also had insanely cold winters which I did not handle well either.