Saturday, August 07, 2021

I Did the Things

 I had, literally, two things I had to get done this week.

(1) I had to submit a form so that I could keep getting my 9-month salary distributed over 12 months; and

(2) I had to submit several forms so that the kid could get his tuition waiver for his last semester of college.

Both had to be printed out and submitted hardcopy. However, it was literally ten minutes work.

Guess how long I spent whining and sulking and not doing it? Yeah, they went in this morning.

UGH. I just hate having anything planned. All I want is one day after the next with nothing planned. Why can't I have that?


Jenny F. Scientist said...

Okay, UGH to the paperwork, but last semester of college! That's awfully exciting!

delagar said...

He's hoping to do graduate school, but he might work a year or two first.