Friday, January 15, 2021

First Week of Teaching in the Pandemic

 I've completed my first week of teaching during the pandemic -- I didn't teach last semester, you'll recall, due to my sabbatical.

I can safely say I do not like this.

One thing I do not like is the masks. I know they're necessary but (a) I wear glasses, so mine are constantly fogged up, which does not help my ability to see and remember student and (2) masks cover mouths, so I'm having trouble seeing who is talking.

Also, because we've split the classes, I'm see half the students in any given class once a week. I can already see this will be an issue so far as getting much done.

Also, just in the first week, I've had three students who have had to quarantine due to family members testing positive, and one student -- who is in our National Guard -- called up to go deal with the cosplaying traitors at the Capitol. That student has no idea when they will be able to return and resume classes.

I've had enough of living in interesting times, thanks just the same.


Dame Eleanor Hull said...

If you use fabric bandage tape to tape the top of the mask to your face, your glasses won't fog. I hope the tape won't irritate your skin; we're not teaching in person, so I don't have to do this often. If my job required a daily mask, I think I'd make another attempt at contact lenses.

delagar said...

I hadn't heard the tip about the fabric tape. Thanks!

nicoleandmaggie said...

re: glasses: Definitely invest in a mask with an adjustable nose. It makes such a huge difference.

I'm going to try to double-mask next week... just ordered a bunch of possibly overpriced KN95s from an online company that Newsweek vouches for. My cloth masks are nice but don't really fit the chin area snugly. I'm gonna look like Mitt Romney!

delagar said...

The masks I have are ones with the wire across the nose, which isn't really helping as far as I can tell.

I'll try double-masking.