Saturday, October 31, 2020

Have Some Links

 The heater guy could not fix the heater. He's sent away for a new motherboard, which he thinks will fix it. Meanwhile the temperature is going to be 34 degrees tonight.

Also we are all very tense here in respect to the election. The polls say Biden will win, but they said Hilary would win in 2016 so we are not comforted.

Have some links:

"Prolife" movement does nothing to stop abortions (because the leaders of the movement aren't actually interested in doing so)

Apparently the cool thing among MAGA Americans is to call face masks "face diapers." I guess this is because Trump supporters spew so much bullshit?

Sculpture of an insufficiently feminine woman triggers conservatives

History that fails to sufficiently lick the boots of rich white people triggers conservatives

Facts that will probably trigger conservatives


Jenny F. Scientist said...

I woke up every hour last night with nightmares about the election. Tuesday is gonna be great!

delagar said...

We're a mess over here. The kid has planned to stay of social media entirely, getting his election news via DMs from me.